picture-16.pngWelcome to my humble abode out in the far reaches of cyberspace. This is a place dedicated to the arts of deception, better known as magic. Now, when I say magic I’m not referring to the kind where you go on family reunions flying a broom stick, but to the one with lots of smoke, giant mirrors, ridiculous outfits resurrected from the disco era and a deck of cards. And yes, those are all the necessary props needed to perform an extremely deceptive double-lift.

I set up this place in an attempt to realize an old dream of mine, namely to create and perform the magic I’ve always envisioned during my fifteen years as an amateur magician. Whether this entails becoming a professional magician or heading for the grand prizes in prestigious magic competitions, I have yet to find out.

You’re more than welcome to take part of my clumsy steps down the road into the strange and quirky world of magic, and hopefully, I’ll be able to offer something worth your while on these binary pages.

To take the official tour of the house, just click on the different headings under Site Navigation in the sidebar.

Happy exploring…

C. Cain